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What We Do

VChain Provides Supply Chain Simulation Solutions for Businesses and Colleges

When it comes to supply chain skill assessment and education, the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why we created VChain ProActive–the most robust, yet easy-to-use, supply chain simulation system available.


Our Solutions

We give supply chain professionals and students the experience they need to face even the most challenging supply chain scenarios in a hands-on learning environment.

VChain Business Solutions

Is your team prepared to face the supply chain challenges ahead? Do the members work effectively as a high-performing team? Do you have a way to measure each member’s capabilities and effectiveness?

Now, with VChain Business Solutions, you have a new way to effectively hire and develop high-performing supply chain teams, including:

  • Employee screening before hiring
  • New employee supply chain training
  • Employee and team skills development
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VChain Education Solutions

Are your students getting the practical experience they need to start a supply chain career? Would you like to supplement your existing supply chain curriculum with immersive hands-on simulation labs?

VChain Education Solutions gives you a real-time supply chain simulation lab that provides a hands-on learning environment for your students including:

  • Role-based scenario training
  • Team-based training exercises
  • Individual student and team measurement and evaluations
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Why Simulation Training?


Supply chain professionals and students in a simulated environment can learn and adjust their behavior in real time.


Instead of reading or passively listening to a lecture, supply chain professionals and students are actively interacting with their colleagues and classmates in the simulation providing much higher engagement.


Studies have shown that people who learn by doing tend to learn and retain knowledge better than traditional learning methods.


By including an entire supply chain team in a simulation environment, everyone can interact and improve teambuilding skills.


Because simulation results can be measured and tracked, both individual and team performances can be evaluated objectively.


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